About Us

The History and Future Vision of Pikpart Smart Garage: Revolutionizing Two-Wheeler Maintenance in India

Pikpart Smart Garage was founded in the year 2018, with the aim of revolutionizing the two-wheeler maintenance industry in India. The company realized that the traditional two-wheeler maintenance system was not only time-consuming but also lacked transparency and efficiency. Hence, Pikpart decided to bring a change by introducing a digital platform for two-wheeler maintenance services.

In its initial years, Pikpart faced several challenges such as lack of awareness about digital two-wheeler maintenance services and resistance from traditional two-wheeler service providers. However, with its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, the company quickly gained popularity among two-wheeler owners.

Today, Pikpart Smart Garage has a widespread network of franchises across India and is the only multi-brand two-wheeler company that works 100% digitally. The company's focus on digitization has made two-wheeler maintenance services faster, more convenient, and more transparent for customers.

Looking towards the future, Pikpart envisions a world where two-wheeler maintenance services are easily accessible, affordable, and environmentally sustainable. The company plans to expand its network of franchises to reach more customers and provide them with the best possible two-wheeler maintenance experience.

Pikpart aims to establish the biggest Electric & IC engine aftermarket network, which would have a 10000+ garage network and 50000+ business associates. This garage network would be established not only through the addition of new franchise onboarding but also by upgrading the existing garages and mechanics within our O2O system. Pikpart’s focus is not only limited to the two-wheeler segment but also has the vision to expand its presence across other automotive segments like four-wheeler over the period of time

In conclusion, Pikpart Smart Garage is an innovative company that is changing the way two-wheeler maintenance services are provided in India. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and its focus on digitization, the company is poised to make a significant impact on the two-wheeler maintenance industry in the years to come.

Pikpart Spares offer:

  • 6000+ SKUs of Two-Wheeler Spare Parts
  • Assured warranty on Pikpart Spare Parts
  • 5000+ Retail Spare Shops, 100+ Franchise Garages, and a Network of 15,000 Mechanics.